I just got a email from the skipper of the Chief, Chris Randal. He just returned from an awesome tuna fishing trip out of H&M Landing in San Diego. Here’s his fishing report from his trip. “We just returned from another great 1-1/2 day trip landing 69 Blue fin and 115 Yellow fin Tuna in the 20 to 60 pound range this morning. We had 32 anglers aboard this trip and all had a great time and went home with mucho fish and limits of fun!” Chris added, “make sure your anglers bring a 40 pound outfit with them for our trip with you (Dan Hernandez) this weekend.” If you’d like to join us for our trip aboard the the Chief this weekend, please use this link to sign up, https://sport-fishing.com/product/chief-1-12-day-072615/
Please call our office at (562) 865-3764 for all the details.