Volunteers Needed-May 29, 2015

We need a few people to stop by our office Friday May 29, 2015 and help us load the truck for our event the next day. We’ll be meeting at 10:30am at our office in Cerritos. If you’re free please call us at 562-865-3764

Volunteers Needed-May 30, 2015

The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation will be hosting a Meet Me at the Lake event at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.
Please come and join us for this great event.
The event date: Saturday May 30, 2015
Time: 6:30am- 1:00pm

Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation volunteers will assist in running the registration booths, bait stations, rod and reel distribution booth, raffle station, and the lunch booth.

Volunteers must be live scanned so please call our office to make your appointment.

If you can help us, please call Monica at 562-865-3764 or email:
Thank you,
The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation