So far this season we have had good fishing for both calico bass and yellowtail. The past three years most of the fishing we did this time of year was for rock fish, but not this year. Catalina Island has been kicking out large size calico bass and yellowtail too. San Clemente Island has even larger calico bass and bigger schools of yellowtail. Here are a few tips to help you out. If you are fishing with large sardines for bait, make sure you are using a large size hook. I like the Mustad 94151 in 5/0 when fishing with large sardines for bait. If you use too small of hook the fish will just rip your bait loose and you’ll never hook the fish. Second tip, pick a good live bait. make sure it swims good in the bait well and it doesn’t have a red nose. If you spend a little more time at the bait tank picking a good bait, you’re going to catch more fish.

I have a fishing trip next Thursday June 4th aboard the First String, departing at 9 PM out of San Pedro heading to San Clemente Island to fish for both calico bass & yellowtail, (that’s unless the tuna start showing up in larger numbers by then.) we will be fishing and returning on June 5th. The cost of the trip is $195.00. per person, it’s a limited load trip. Click on this link to sign up,
Please call our office at 562-865-3764 if you have any questions.